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Frequently asked questions

» How much are delivery fees?
» How long is the delivery time?
» Why should I buy a serviced watch and not cheaper unserviced one?
» Does products in this shop have a Money Back Guarantee?
» How can I return the product I bought?
» How can I sell my watch products?
» What are the condition evaluating criterion?

How much are the delivery fees? web store has fixed delivery fees apart from the size of delivery. Fees are seller-specific, so if your buying from different seller companies, the fees will apply separately.

To Finland
Post package: 7€
Additional pay-on-delivery fee: 5€
Home delivery: 12€
If the product has different delivery fees or ways, we’ll mention it in the sales-add.

Outside to Finland we ship using Finnish Post, Priority Airmail.
To EU counties: 10-30€
Outside EU (EMS): 30€

How long is the delivery time?

We strive to deliver all packets mainly until next business day but anyway as soon as possible. Within the EU shipping time is normally 3-5 working days, outside EU normally 5-7 working days. Pleas consult your local customs to find out the custom delays.

Why should I buy a serviced watch and not cheaper unserviced one? is the first Finnish web store for used watches, where you can buy a service for watches you buy. Watches that needs service have been evaluated for service and needed parts have been acquired before putting it for sale. 

There has to be a service document of the watch or it’ll be kept as unserviced. The service condition or previous services quality can’t be told just by looking or with any kind of tester. We mark previous services/guarantee in the sales-add.

There’s a suggestion to have all mechanical watches serviced in 5 to 7 years, because if that time is passed the movement could wear because lubricants will lose their abilities. lubricants can’t be added since all of the old lubricants must be cleaned by dismantling the movement.

Every watch is checked for:
• winding mechanism
• balance travel amount in three angles and in full wind
• the working of the escapement
• working of other mechanisms

If the watch passes all of these tests without problems, there probably isn’t any faults and the watch can be serviced for use. The service starts by evaluation of the amount of work and price for service and parts. Then watch will be evaluated visually and technically and put to sale with service packet or will be serviced before sale.

During the service all parts will be checked and renovated or changed to originals. If there isn’t original parts available, generic parts can be used depending on the watch, but that should be avoided. Changed parts will be mentioned in the service document.

Repairing of the faults, caused by sloppy work or unfit tools and oxidizing of the parts, may be expensive and sometimes the marks are impossible to remove anymore. A proper Watchmaker doesn’t leave any marks. Some parts of the movement can’t be changed if those have original stamps or markings in them because the movement will lose some of its originality. The picture from the movement will be taken after the service. Condition of the movement will be taken to count when giving the evaluation.

If there is a fault that will come to knowledge after the service has begun and it’s impossible to fix or it will give problems later and theres no parts available, the service is halted and we’ll contact the person who made the order to discuss the options.

You can inquire from services more closely from the sellers of

Does products in this shop have a Money Back Guarantee?

All of the products sold from the web store have 14 days Money Back Guarantee from receiving the product. The sales-add will tell if manufacturers guarantee or service guarantee is applying. Products bought from the store have 14 days of Money Back Guarantee if product is clearly different what the add promised.

How can I return the product I bought?

Order must be cancelled by making a notice to the seller. Notice can be done also when returning the product. Returned product should be packed carefully and mail it by the instructions of the seller. The return must include original order confirmation, customers contact informations and the bank account informations for the refund.

The mailing costs will not be credited by the amount that exceeds the lowest delivery price which the seller offers. Customer will pay the costs of the product return. Returned watch have to be in the same condition as it was when it was delivered. If customer will return the product because there’s an error in the product, or if wrong item was send, the customer has the right to return product without fees. In this case the customer must contact the seller and ask for instructions to returning the product without fees.

How can I sell my watch products?

You can sell to us all kinds of watches and watch related products by contacting the sellers of

Guide to selling:
”If you want to offer us your used watch or some watch related products, send it to us by packaging it carefully and include your contact info and the info of the product. If you want to ask us the preliminary offer by pictures, e-mail us sharp pictures of different sides of the product and all info about it.

Describe in the e-mail the size of the product, faults, previous use, watches service history etc. and tell us what is the asking price you hope to have. We give an estimate price by the pictures ant info, we give the final value when we have checked the product and from watches the movement also.

What are the condition evaluating criterion?

Wrist Watch visual condition in selling and buying

If watch is used only in weddings and is otherwise maintained in optimal circumstances, serviced regularly and professionally for decades, could be ”nearly new” even if it has some patina. Important is; with right kind of job watch can be restored in original condition. Important is; with right kind of job watch can be restored in its original condition - if wanted. It’s important to remember that watches are different in quality and we compare the condition to their original condition, not to the other watches.

Modern watch is often expected to have perfect movement and case surfaces even though very high priced watches can have signs of machining methods. Here is evalued only the condition, which has been formed after making the watch.

There’s not any possibility know all of the watches original quality and what kind of parts has been used on billions of watch models. We promise to our best ability to tell all the information about the watch, what we know of it. E.g. it could be hard to tell from the case, if it’s original or renovated.

If you want to have better understanding about your watches condition evaluation, we encourage you to read this article carefully. Understanding the principles of condition evaluation arguments help you to understand your watches value better. 

5 stars - Flawless; could have only chemically removable patina (professional job). Can have only very fine rubbings, which appear from the most delicate storage.Often 5-class watch has original coverings and tags attached (NOS = New Old Stock).

4 stars - Near flawless; small marks only in case which are easily restored, and appear only from low use, storage and service. Clear marks only in movement screws. Case has no dents, only polished surfaces could have scratches which will vanish only light polishing. Dial/hands has only minor patina which is normal considering age.

3 stars - Good; case has only light wear, weak scratches and low dents and also can have marks from services. Case plating can be worn slightly through only from backside. Movement can have some marks that can’t restored but no dirt or layered corrosion. Dial/hands can have slight corrosion or small cracks on finish and only small deflections.

2 stars - Fair; case can have deep scratches, dents and wears, but its possible to renovate to near original condition. On visible sides could have light wear on plating, no wear-thru on cracks on (gold) plating. Movement could have clear marks or corrosion, but it’s possible to renovate by changing parts. Dial/hands could be scratched or corroded and could have moderate dents.

1 star - Bad: has serious wears and marks that can be renovated only by laborious job and/or badly made fixings.

Wrist Watch technical condition in selling and buying

We evaluate watches technical condition by these classifications and faults that clearly differ from these classifications, we strive to inform in the sales ad. Should be noticed that all crowns haven’t been without backlash originally and that the watches condition is compared to its original condition, not to other watches. Zero star watch could be much valuable than 5 star watch with poor original quality. 

5 stars - Flawless; like new and original. Works great and could be serviced mut with no marks or scratches of any kind in case or in movement. Crystal and dial are bright and without color changes. Often 5-star watch has original covers and tags in (NOS = New Old Stock)

4 stars - Near flawless; everything works great. Could be serviced. Case could be opened without marks that could be seen with naked eye and screws could have only few scratches. Forms of the crown and push-buttons can’t be rounded. Crystal can have faint scratches/coloration. Dial must be close to flawless exept small amount of patina produced by time.

3 stars - Good; all mechanisms work vell. Case opening marks can be seen clearly, but case couldn’t be technically damaged. Movement could be serviced and it could have small traces of service, but not any flaws. Crown and pushbuttons could have small amount of rounding in the corners and/or looseness. Crystal and dial could have small marks of handling/coloration that can be seen with naked eye, but overall appearance must be neat.

2 stars - Fair; all mechanisms work somehow and can be fixed properly. Movement could be serviced and it could have seeable damages, witch can be fixed. Crown and push-buttons could be loose, but it can’t bother the usefullness of the watch or cause the loss of dust-proof protection. Crystal could have clear scratches/coloration or very small closures and can be changed. Dial could have marks but it must be technically functional.

1 star - Bad: not working on some parts but can be fixed. Nb! We don't sell but will buy/receive so called 0-class watches for example in spare part use.